Export USA

Export USA

CMC guides exporters on FDA compliance and identifies prospective importers in the USA.

One of our key Marketing services includes comprehensive assistance to exportersof all productsto fall in line with the regulations of U.S. Food & Drug Administration We offer total support in not only identifying potential buyers but also providing step by step guide to testing, labelling, documenting, and adhering to FDA compliance so that exporters do not meet with rejection of their goods. As it is critical for exporters to find their firms listed under the FDA green list, we advise clients to follow U.S. Government regulations so that their products are not quarantined resulting in loss. Our branch office functioning from Houston Texas, facilitates all services relating to U.S. import standards. Our services are open to food manufacturers, agricultural and seafood exporters.

Regulations and enforcement of current good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) are taken in as a positive sign for industry growth. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are authorized for ensuring the safety of imported products, their process of manufacturing, description of ingredients and amounts, labeling, and packaging. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to make sure the product is safe before it is marketed.

Accurate labeling is the prerequisite to develop trust and integrity in an industry dealing with food products for consumers. Trusting a label equates with global branding..Product description and its safety information in precise, and clear details are mandatory .in the labeling process.

In a market driven on innovation such as Organic Products and ethical considerations such as Fair Trade practices regulations and transparency are put on routine revisions and addendums to areas such as manufacturing, labeling, packaging, and shipping. Keeping pace with the FDI regulatory updates is the major task of our consultancy service.