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Sanjeevi Joseph
Sanjeevi Joseph, founded Chennai Marketing Consultants in 2004 based on his vast experience in the field of Education and International Trading. He holds a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Nebraska in Omaha which has provided him the skills for Market Research. His previous experience during his long stay in Brunei as an international commodity broker Of Urea , Oil and metals gave him the savoir-faire for his interest in business expansion. He was responsible for identifying new international markets for U.S. products during his stay in South East Asia. The concept of kitchen waste trashing was first time introduced in Sabah, East Malaysia on behalf of Ms.Anaheim Marketing company in California by Mr.Joseph.
With a perceptive mind to understand the local cultural response to foreign business models, he was successful in facilitating U.S. based relocation companies to deal with the Malay community in Brunei. Mr.Joseph thinks creatively, discovers niche markets and adds a midas touch to your marketing plan.
Lionel Camoens Our Marketing advisor
Lionel Camoens , educated in the U.K. is our advisor who guides our marketing team. With an impressive track record of innovative marketing trends,Mr.Camoens has set standards in the field of Engineering products.
His experience and client friendly traits, has given us additional strength.
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