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With more than one billion people belonging to diverse cultures, languages, religions and each having particular beliefs and preference for personal taste, finding a new market for your product is as much a challenge as searching for the needle in the haystack. Reaching out to everyone with your product or introducing a new product in India amidst numerous complex situations proves critical. Consumers develop tastes and brand loyalties by interest over a period of time.

Traditional business wisdom expects us to understand the common buying behaviour of the customers and devise marketing strategies accordingly. Nevertheless, an early evaluation of the forces which cause the customers’ purchase decision, and its underlying pattern would prevent rushing into risks, enable cost-cutting and signal the right direction to profit generation.

Our Services

We in CMC gather data through extensive qualitative and quantitative research , surveys, focus groups, evaluation of customer demographics for successful product launch.

Market Research

  • Primary/secondary research
  • Surveys
  • focus groups
  • interviews
  • field trials


  • Company Product Stall
  • Promotional Stall
  • Portable Stall
  • Portable Foldable Display
  • Customized

TV ads

  • Actor Promotion
  • Product
  • Concept Based
  • Title Text Animation
  • Visual Effect Animation

Branding Designing

  • Company Logo
  • Business & ID Card
  • Brochure
  • Letterhead
  • Envelope & CD Cover

Internet Marketing

  • Social Media Management
  • Advanced SEO
  • Web Analytics
  • Digital Public Relations
  • Mobile Marketing

Door to Door Canvasing

  • Direct Contact
  • Community Awareness
  • Membership Drive
  • Sell Merchandise

Web designing

  • Basic Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • E-Commerce

TV Talkshows

  • Celebrity Interview
  • Issue Based
  • Comic Related
  • Panel Discussions

Outdoor signage

  • The A-Frame Sign
  • The Back lit sings
  • The Banner
  • The Electronic Sign
  • The Channel Letter

Newspaper AD

  • Display Ads
  • Insert Ads
  • Classified Ads
  • Frills & Fliers
  • Folding

Cultural shows

  • Event Management
  • Fashion Events
  • Cultural conferences
  • Food Festivals

Trade Shows

  • Panel Exhibit.
  • Tension Fabric
  • Pop-Up Exhibits.
  • Hybrid Booths
  • Truss Designs
  • Banner Stands

We have the range - you have the choice

Obsessed with the unique CMC’s design thinking carves out a niche market. Our strategies are your scaffold to success.

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Our Team

As the proprietor , Sanjeevi Arul Joseph prepares business plans for the company and uses marketing research to identify trends and potential markets for the client’s products. Representing manufacturers he provides guidance and training, Introducing new products and expanding into other markets. Most decisions from the start until the product reaches the customer destination are taken by Sanjeevi. The marketing strategies devised by Sanjeevi are customized to match the products with the market needs. They are purpose driven and successful.

Sanjeevi Joseph


Lionel Camoens , educated in the U.K. is our advisor who guides our marketing team. With an impressive track record of innovative marketing trends,Mr.Camoens has set standards in the field of Engineering products. His experience and client friendly traits, has given us additional strength.

Lionel Camoens

Our Marketing advisor

Mr.Ramesh is an expert on property management and real estate. With over twenty five years experience he is able to identify city properties ideally suited for clients needs. He also arranges finance for those who are interested in buying new properties with small financial resource. He is also into construction of houses and factories in and around Chennai.

Mr.Ramesh Kannan

Property Management

Mr.P.C.Vijosh is the creative designer whose knowledge of graphic designing, 3 D rendering is the win asset of Chennai Marketing Consultants. He had already proven his credit by designing and erecting trade show stalls at the Chennai trade centre. His home ground being branding he is able to take the prestige of clients products to big heights.


Creative Designer